Sugar Camp

Only exceptional builders can build exceptional custom homes.

We work with several of the Dayton area’s most sought-after builders and construction companies. Each has their own style and approach to home building, with one point of view in common: If your new home is worth building, it’s worth building right!

All builders welcome! Here are a few we are already working with:

R.A. Rhoads, Inc.

Address:55 Rhoads Center Drive, Centerville, OH 45458 Office: (937) 435-3254

Bio: As so many home buyers have already discovered, R.A. Rhoads is more than just a homebuilder. R.A. Rhoads excels at both building and design and is able to offer you a home with timeless design and innovation.

M/M Construction

Address: 570 S. Diamond Mill Road, New Lebanon,‎OH 45345 Office: (937) 657-3055

Bio: M/M Construction is a Dayton-area residential and commercial construction contractor offering complete homebuilding, general contracting, and outdoor services with a proven history of craftsmanship.

M/M Construction was founded by Mike Miller in 1982. His son Jeff Miller worked with him from youth, and is now intricately involved with the business as well. We serve our customers with residential and commercial construction, with special affinity for projects that are unique or tasteful in architecture.

Peebles Homes

Office: (937) 313-3080

Bio: Peebles Homes Custom Home Building has been a builder in the Dayton area for the past three generations.  They offer exceptional quality and value without the additional cost that comes with it.  With one-on-one customer service from both Tom and John Peebles, you are sure to have a satisfying home building experience.