Sugar Camp

A brief history of Sugar Camp.

In 1893, John Patterson, founder of NCR, cleared his hillside maple grove overlooking Dayton to build a first-of-its-kind sales training facility for his company. Sugar Camp began as a sprawling summer community of tents that were replaced in the mid-1930s by Adirondack style cabins and great houses. Only one of those cabins still stands — now an historical exhibit within Carillon Park.

During WWII, Sugar Camp was host to a company of 600 Navy Waves, who were part of the intelligence team that cracked the German Enigma code, helping to bring an earlier end to the war with Germany.

After the war, Sugar Camp once again became an NCR training facility. It was upgraded again in the 1970’s to facilitate year-round use, and remained in operation for more than two decades before being phased out.

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